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The french HSP association is open to all HSP in the world.

Your invited and welcome to our Discord's server May 3rd for the Online international gathering

Our sensitivity is the subject.

It's not easy in our world to have a place where we can talk freely about our feelings, emotions and thoughts etc.
Are we afraid of judgement, rejection or many other reasons, and that is why we don't find this place?

The world misses environments where HSP feel free to be themselves.

So be it, let's meet beyond border's and start to make the world a better place, by sharing about sensitivity.

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Breath slowly, every little thing is gonna be all right!

If you have survived beeing HSP until this day, you can go through this and register for our gathering the 3r of May ! ! 

1) Go the first page.
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2) Register. It's quick and free!

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- Validate your new account through the email you will receive.
- Sign up with your pseudo and password.

- Go register to the Worldwide-HSP-Gathering!
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